AVI 200A / 400A
Infusion Pump (IV Pump)

The AVI Volumetric Infusion Pumps are intended for use in IV therapy in both venous and arterial Infusion applications. They are designed to assure accurate, continuous, non-pulsatile delivery of fluid to the patient. All AVI pumps are equipped with a comprehensive spectrum of alarms including air detection, empty container sensing, and operator selected occlusion alarm pressure settings.

The AVI Infusion Therapy Systems provide reliable and accurate administration of IV fluid to your patient.

  • The AVI Micro 210A delivers fluids in 0.1 mL increments and is therefore ideal for use with pediatric/neonatal and other fluid restricted patients.
  • The AVI 400A offers a unique automatic piggyback function. When used in conjunction with an AVI checkvalve administration set, the pump switches automatically from piggyback rate and volume limit to a different primary rate and volume limit

The AVI Volumetric Infusion Pumps and systems provide both the user and patient with many clear advantages in the delivery of intravenous fluids.


Rate Range 200A
1 mL/h to 999 mL/h in 1 mL/h increments;
Micro 210A
0.1 Ml/h to 99.9 mL/h in 0.1 mL/h increments; 400A
1 mL/h to 999 mL/h in 1 mL/h increments in both primary and piggyback modes.
Volume Limit Range 200A
1 mL to 9999 mL in 1 mL increments;
Micro 210A
1 mL to 999.9 mL in 0.1 mL increments;
1 mL to 9999 mL in 1 mL increments in both primary and piggyback modes.
Accuracy +/- 2% of selected rate and volume limit.
Weight Approximately 4.3 Kg (9.5 lbs).
Dimensions Height 21 cm (8")
Width 25 cm (10")
Depth 20 cm (7")
Voltage Requirements Factory configures for 100, 200, 220, or 240 volts AC depending on country of destination.
Current 0.2A Maximum for 100 and 120 Volts AC operation; 0.1A maximum for 220 And 240 Volts AC operation.
Over-Current Protection _ (0.25) A AC line fuse for 100 and 120 volt AC pumps; two 1/8 (0.125)A AC line fuses for 220 and 240 Volt AC pumps; two thermal fuses within transformer; 1A battery fuse.
Leakage Less than 20 microamps ungrounded for 100 and 120 Volts AC operation; less than 40 microamps ungrounded for 220 and 240 Volts AC operation.
Battery Type Rechargeable sealed lead acid, 12 volt.
Battery Capacity(New, Fully Charged) AVI 200A and 400A
Approximately 8 hours at 125mL/h.
Micro 210A
Approximately 8 hrs at 50.0 mL/h.
Battery Recharge Time Pump plugged in with POWER SWITCH in the OFF/CHARGE position……14 hours. Pump plugged in, operating at 125 mL/h (50.0 mL/h on Micro 210A)…..24 hours.
*Occlusion Alarm Pressure Operator chooses 4 psi (LO PRESS) or 9 psi (HI PRESS).
KVO RATE 200A and 400A
1 m/L h.
Micro 210A
ml/h or, if selected rate is less than 1 mL/h, continues at selected rate.
  *Warning: The AVI occlusion detection sensors detect downline backpressure in the administration set, but are not designed to detect infiltration. In accordance with institution's policies and procedures, operator must periodically inspect patient's infusion site for swelling, temperature changes, and/or other signs of infiltration.

Administration Sets

8C-230 AVI Standard IV set - 2 Y sites
AC2308 Filter IV set 1.2 Micron
8C290 Low Sorbing Set

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